123movies :- 123Movies, alternatively known as 123movieshub, GoMovies, MeMovies, and GoStream, emerged as a prominent pirate site, offering users free access to a vast library of movies and TV series. Originating in Vietnam, the platform quickly gained traction globally, serving audiences in regions spanning the US, the UK, and various EU countries.

However, 123Movies’ reign as a leading provider of illicit content was short-lived. In 2018, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) launched an extensive investigation into the Vietnamese-based website for its dissemination of copyrighted material without authorization. According to Jan van Voorn, an executive within the MPAA, 123Movies boasted nearly 98 million active users, solidifying its status as the most widely accessed illegal streaming site worldwide.

123Movies Features

If you’ve yet to explore the realms of free online movie streaming, chances are the name “123Movies” has evaded your radar. With a longstanding presence spanning decades, 123Movies has cemented itself as a staple in the realm of online entertainment. To acquaint you with its offerings, here’s a rundown of its standout features:

  • No Payment Necessary: Bid farewell to the hassle of credit card details, as 123Movies offers its extensive library of content completely free of charge.
  • No Sign-Up Required: Skip the lengthy registration processes and dive straight into the cinematic experience with 123Movies, where viewing is hassle-free and immediate.
  • Effortless Movie Discovery: Navigate through a plethora of titles with ease using convenient filters, ensuring you find the perfect movie for any mood or occasion.
  • Abundance of Streaming Sources: Benefit from a diverse array of streaming sources at your fingertips, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to your favorite films and shows.
  • Genre and Release Date Sorting: Streamline your search process by exploring movies based on genre or release date, allowing for tailored viewing experiences tailored to your preferences.
  • IMDb’s Finest Selection: Delve into a curated selection of top-rated IMDb movies conveniently compiled within a designated section, ensuring quality viewing every time.
  • Latest TV Shows and Movies: Stay up-to-date with the latest releases across both television and cinema, all available for free online streaming on 123Movies.

However, it’s essential to note that despite its convenience and popularity, the 123Movies website has been flagged for its illegal operations, running afoul of copyright laws.

Why Choose 123movies?

Unparalleled Convenience: Say goodbye to tedious subscriptions and account setups. With 123Movies, streaming your favorite movies and TV shows is as easy as a few clicks, offering instant access to a world of entertainment without any hassle.

Top-Tier Quality: Immerse yourself in an unparalleled viewing experience with 123Movies’ commitment to high-quality streaming. Whether you’re flying solo or hosting a movie night with friends, expect crisp visuals and crystal-clear audio every time.

Diverse Selection: Catering to every taste and preference, 123Movies boasts an extensive library spanning a myriad of genres and categories. From adrenaline-pumping blockbusters to soul-stirring dramas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Global Appeal: Explore a rich tapestry of cinematic offerings sourced from around the globe, providing a window into diverse cultures and storytelling traditions. Whether you’re in the mood for Hollywood spectacles or international treasures, 123Movies delivers an eclectic mix of content.

Unrestricted Access: Whether you’re lounging at home or on the move, 123Movies ensures seamless accessibility to your favorite entertainment. With compatibility across various devices and browsers, enjoy uninterrupted streaming wherever and whenever you please.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Elevate your streaming experience with a cutting-edge, user-centric web app. In today’s fiercely competitive streaming landscape, delivering a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience is key to standing out from the crowd. Let 123Movies be your gateway to entertainment excellence.

Is 123Movies Legal?

123Movies operates as an illegal platform, hosting and linking media content without obtaining proper authorization from copyright holders. Consequently, the site and its numerous iterations have faced legal repercussions, including shutdowns and blocks in various countries due to allegations of copyright infringement.

Engaging with 123Movies, or similar streaming piracy sites, exposes users to legal risks, even if they are merely passive viewers without involvement in sharing or profiting from pirated content.

The severity of consequences for participating in copyright infringement varies from one country to another. While some nations have lenient enforcement of copyright laws, others strictly prosecute such violations. It’s essential to note that in certain countries, downloading or streaming pirated content for personal use may still be illegal.

At SafetyDetectives, we strongly advocate for utilizing legal and authorized platforms for watching movies and TV shows. Not only does this promote user safety, but it also demonstrates support for content creators and the creative industry as a whole.


Here’s an overview of the legality of piracy across different countries:

No Law / Legal for Personal Use: Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Marshall Islands, Somalia

Illegal but Not Prosecuted: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Uruguay, Singapore, Denmark, Greece, Czech Republic, Iran, the Philippines

Illegal and Prosecuted: Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, Malaysia, South Korea, the UK, the US, UAE

Does 123Movies still work?

The original 123Movies has ceased to exist since its shutdown following the MPAA investigation, where it cooperated with Vietnamese authorities. However, due to its immense popularity, several unofficial streaming websites have emerged, utilizing the 123Movies name to attract users. These mirror sites attempt to capitalize on the brand’s recognition, despite lacking the legitimacy of the original platform. As a result, numerous mirror sites claiming association with 123Movies can be found online today.

Now, let’s delve into the safety concerns associated with these platforms.

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